Improving operational and environmental performance for manufacturing in Northern Ireland
Veolia engineers working on a manufacturing site

Developing solutions to improve manufacturing sustainability and environmental performance

Manufacturing industry is continually evolving to meet the changing and challenging needs of the market. We help advanced manufacturing in Northern Ireland to continuously develop capabilities and move up the value chain by providing sustainable, innovative environmental solutions.

Manufacturers need flexible solutions to water, waste and energy that can help them respond to market changes in an efficient, cost effect and, above all, compliant way. Our mix of tried and tested technologies and innovative thinking can deliver these.

Increasing energy efficiency

We provide a comprehensive approach to energy management which delivers efficiencies and reduces costs while also reducing your carbon footprint. Through our Facilities and Utilities Management expertise we guarantee a secure supply of the utilities you need to maximise productive uptime so that you can meet your production targets.


Wastewater and effluent treatment

As environmental regulation increases, the correct treatment of wastewater and effluent is becoming more important. We can optimise the performance of existing treatment plants and design and build new facilities to ensure complete compliance.


Recycling and recovery of waste

Increasing waste recycling and recovery is an important element of moving Northern Ireland towards the Circular Economy as well as making businesses more sustainable. Our Total Waste Management teams work onsite with manufacturers to improve waste management and help turn waste into a resource.

Working with some of Northern Ireland's largest manufacturers to increase sustainability

Increased productive uptime through planned maintenance programmes

Energy efficiency through utilities maintenance and asset management programmes

Optimisation of wastewater treatment plant operation

Veolia in Northern Ireland

15 years of experience in Northern Ireland delivering energy and utilities management services to our largest manufacturers