Public Sector

Energy efficiency and wastewater treatment solutions for Northern Ireland
Energy efficiency and wastewater treatment for Northern Ireland

Helping the public sector to do more with less

It is crucial that the public sector is seen to deliver value for money and continue to provide the wide range of services people have come to expect - while at the same time improving environmental performance and reducing costs.

The public sector in Northern Ireland has benefited from the expertise of Veolia's team on the ground in Northern Ireland. With access to global expertise and solutions we help to improve environmental performance and save money.

Finding efficiencies while reducing carbon footprints

The public sector is looking to achieve big energy and carbon savings which not only means councils, health trusts, schools and colleges and other public sector organisations get to meet their environmental targets and but can also use the annual savings to contribute to local economic development and boost already-stretched budgets.

Delivering fully compliant wastewater treatment

Northern Ireland Water and up to 25% of Northern Ireland's population benefit from the upgrading, operating and maintaining of wastewater treatment works and wastewater pumping stations by Veolia across Northern Ireland as part of Project Omega.

Helping the public sector in Northern Ireland to cut COemissions, deliver fully compliant wastewater treatment and reduce costs

Realtime energy data monitoring and analysis

Effective implementation of energy efficiency projects

Delivering water and wastewater treatment solutions

Compliance and Continuous Improvment

Veolia operates Northern Ireland's only wastewater sludge incinerator treating 100% of sewerage sludge produced in Northern Ireland